ColorMoves is an application that enables scientists to quickly and easily construct colormaps customized to their needs and data.

It is an interactive interface provides the means to place color scales, colormaps and or discreet colors within specific ranges of data.  It provides the ability to interactivity hone the span of the color scales enabling scientists to place the type and range of color in areas of most interest.

First you need your data in our “Data Float” colormap.

To Create a “Data Float” .png  download the .xml file.  Import it into ParaView and apply it to your data using the setting in the instruction accompanying the .xml for the colormap.

OR Download a Float file example below.

Click here to open ColorMoves.

Drag and drop the downloaded float file or your float file into the use interface – ColorMoves

ColorMoves instructions

Example float files. Drag and drop a float file into the output section of the tool to begin.

Paper describing ColorMoves in detail.

ColorMoves: The Environment

Colormap .xmls files for colormaps in ColorMoves: The Environment