Yellow to red (flow to Shop) .xml

Yellow to Red

<ColorMap space=”CIELAB” indexedLookup=”false” name=”YelFlowTa”>
<Point x=”0.000000″ o=”1″ r=”0.984314″ g=”1.000000″ b=”0.749020″/>
<Point x=”0.020000″ o=”1″ r=”1.000000″ g=”1.000000″ b=”0.658824″/>
<Point x=”0.050000″ o=”1″ r=”1.000000″ g=”0.992157″ b=”0.560784″/>
<Point x=”0.100000″ o=”1″ r=”1.000000″ g=”0.972549″ b=”0.450980″/>
<Point x=”0.150000″ o=”1″ r=”0.980392″ g=”0.921569″ b=”0.400000″/>
<Point x=”0.200000″ o=”1″ r=”0.960784″ g=”0.858824″ b=”0.356863″/>
<Point x=”0.250000″ o=”1″ r=”0.929412″ g=”0.796078″ b=”0.305882″/>
<Point x=”0.300000″ o=”1″ r=”0.901961″ g=”0.721569″ b=”0.235294″/>
<Point x=”0.350000″ o=”1″ r=”0.878431″ g=”0.662745″ b=”0.192157″/>
<Point x=”0.400000″ o=”1″ r=”0.858824″ g=”0.603922″ b=”0.164706″/>
<Point x=”0.450000″ o=”1″ r=”0.839216″ g=”0.545098″ b=”0.133333″/>
<Point x=”0.500000″ o=”1″ r=”0.811765″ g=”0.486275″ b=”0.113725″/>
<Point x=”0.550000″ o=”1″ r=”0.749020″ g=”0.407843″ b=”0.090196″/>
<Point x=”0.600000″ o=”1″ r=”0.690196″ g=”0.341176″ b=”0.074510″/>
<Point x=”0.650000″ o=”1″ r=”0.650980″ g=”0.290196″ b=”0.066667″/>
<Point x=”0.700000″ o=”1″ r=”0.619608″ g=”0.235294″ b=”0.054902″/>
<Point x=”0.750000″ o=”1″ r=”0.588235″ g=”0.180392″ b=”0.043137″/>
<Point x=”0.800000″ o=”1″ r=”0.560784″ g=”0.117647″ b=”0.027451″/>
<Point x=”0.850000″ o=”1″ r=”0.529412″ g=”0.054902″ b=”0.011765″/>
<Point x=”0.900000″ o=”1″ r=”0.509804″ g=”0.007843″ b=”0.000000″/>
<Point x=”0.950000″ o=”1″ r=”0.470588″ g=”0.000000″ b=”0.078431″/>
<Point x=”1.000000″ o=”1″ r=”0.431373″ g=”0.000000″ b=”0.145098″/>
<NaN r=”0.25″ g=”0″ b=”0″/>