ColorMoves – An Interactive Colormap Construction Tool

IEEE – ColorMoves: An Interactive Tool that Visualizes Scientific Data in a Colorful, Artistic, and Transformative Way

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ColorMoves is an interactive interface for the construction of colormaps tuned to your data. These colormaps can then be exported for use in ParaView, Matplotlib and other visualization tools.

ColorMoves enables you to interactively insert of color scales and discreet colors within the complete colormap.  This enables alignment of color and contrast to the structure of the data and goals of the visualization.  Watching the changes on your data in real time provides the ability to precisely place color scales within specific data ranges.  It enables the movement of color scales across areas of the data, facilitating exploration.  Providing the means to highlight multiple areas of interest using different color scales facilitates presentation and communication.  By loading multiple time steps into the viewer area you can create colormaps effective across time-varying data.  Once created the colormap is exportable in .xml, and .json.  A conversion script from .xml to Matplotlib is provided here.

We recommend FIREFOX or CHROME.