In order to correctly create a DF (data file) .png file for input into ColorMoves, please make sure the following settings are used:

  • If using ParaView 4.4, use the FloatPNG_PV44.xml file in the Box folder IEEE Vis ColorMoves Paper/Data Sets.
    • Discretization is OFF
    • Click on Rescale to Data Range button (unless a smaller range should be selected via the data range button).
  • Under data set Properties, Background should be set to
    • Single color
    • Black
  • Under Properties for the specific view or filter (e.g., a slice or a CellDatatoPointData), open up the extended list of properties using the Gear symbol next to Search and set the following:
    • Specular Power = 0
    • Ambient = 1
    • Diffuse = 0


Note that any time a filter property is changed and set via the Apply button, many of these properties are reset to defaults and will need to be changed to the proper settings before saving a .png data file. Check ALL of these before creating a png file to input into ColorMoves.