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D. Keefe, UMN

ColorSet Example
LANL, DOE Office of SCience

LANL, DOE Office of Science


Asteroid Impacts SC 2016
Asteroid Ocean Impact Visualization - Patchett, Samsel, Gisler, LANL

ABR - art - interface - vis

MPAS-Ocean barioclinic data
MPAS-Ocean barioclinic data, M.Petersen

Antarctic Land Ice Speed
E3SM, S. Price, J. Patchett, F. Samsel

Asteroid SC 16
Asteroid Impacts, SC 16, G. Gisler, J. Patchett, F. Samsel

Natural Color
Natural Color Paper, to

Water masses under the Fichner-Ronnie Ice Sheet, E3SM
M.Petersen, X. Asay-Davis

J. Smidt, LANL

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The First Water in the Universe

As much as half of the water in the solar system is thought to predate the Sun (Cleeves et al. 2014), which points to an ancient heritage for this substance. How, where and when water appears in the universe and with what frequency have never been answered from first principle calculations. Learn more.

PERMAFROST: Connecting Observations to Models

Rising temperatures are rapidly thawing Arctic permafrost. As it thaws, permafrost releases carbon that will eventually impact ocean currents. Permafrost: Connecting Observations to Models is a multi-faceted look at permafrost research in the Arctic. Learn more.

Climate Prisms: The Arctic

Climate Prism: The Arctic is an artistic journey through the science of climate change, specifically Arctic research from the national labs. It is an experimental interactive presentation designed to engage users via their own curiosity and human connection at a self-driven pace through a self-selected, multi-branching, wide range of content presentations. Learn more.

Artifact Based Rendering

About Sculpting Visualization, a multidisciplinary effort to enrich the visual vocabulary of scientific visualization. Learn more.